Take a Breather and Send a Breath of Fresh Air

When was the last time you received a greeting card in the mail? Before the age of technology, there was a time where direct mail was the only way to send invitations, birthday cards, congratulatory cards, anniversary greetings - the whole nine yards. However, with email, e-cards, and apps being available at the fingertips of anyone with a smart device or computer, it seems that hard copy greeting cards have been making their way out. But are they really?

More Than a Virtual Hug

Months of isolation are hard on most people. Fortunately, it's still possible to meet and greet with the ones you love despite the restrictions. And while technology is great - allowing us to converse with old friends or family members with the push of a button - there's something about receiving a tangible card in the mail that holds a unique, intimate appeal of which virtual encounters can't quite obtain.

Imagine the smile on the face of your friend or loved one when they sort through their daily mail and see an envelope with your handwriting on it. The cards you send to those you love is a reminder of the warm feelings you hold toward that person. Going out of your way to find a card, add your own personal message, and send it off to be mailed takes a lot more effort than simply shooting off an e-card from the comfort of your couch. And while virtual hugs are nice, you are only left with the memory once the conversation comes to an end. When you send a tangible greeting card, however, you're evoking emotion, allowing that card to become a keepsake that continues to bring joy whenever the recipient sees it.

A Breath of Fresh Air

There is a lot of chaos in today’s world, and it all weighs heavy for many people. Sending fun, whimsical cards in times like these is almost like a breath of fresh air after being locked in a stuffy room for far too long. Whether you acknowledge the birthday of someone who moved away or simply slip a sentimental note under the pillow of your partner, greeting cards are always a welcome break from the mundane and chaotic routines we follow.

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