About Us


Adam Hirsch. Founder.  

I was born in New York, grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and have lived in Minnesota for the last 10 years.  Since I moved to Minneapolis, I've been on a quest to do something expressive and exciting, while also making a positive splash in the community. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, I began my financial services career in corporate America. I was missing an element of creativity in my day-to-day life, which is when I started to draw. In a world of technology, never underestimate the power of a hardcopy greeting card. I've always enjoyed purchasing cards for family and friends, so I thought there was an opportunity for me to be creative and reach the community on my own - that's how MNiCards began. 

 Follow Adam's personal journey on Instagram: @adamhirschj  

Emma Johnson. Illustrator.
Born and raised in Chicago, but now resides in Minneapolis as an illustrator and graphic designer.

Print & pattern enthusiast.

Never turns down an opportunity to hear live music!

Follow Emma's personal journey on Instagram: @emma_c_johnson