Quarantine Questions Card Game

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Quarantine Questions is a deck of 90 conversation starters and thought-provoking questions to inspire the best kinds of conversation at family events, dinner parties, vacation, and other gatherings. A fun way for family and friends to share their "at-home" experience, reconnect, and discover more about themselves and each other.

Game play: 

Participants: 2+
All ages and family friendly

Why us?

MNiCards is committed to bringing a smile to your face through quirky and whimsical illustrations. Our drawings bring a new element of love to you, your home, or your clients!



The custom home illustration you made and framed for my clients as a closing gift after their first home purchase brought them to tears. It was so meaningful! They loved it!

Linda D.
Tampa, FL

We framed the home drawing you did for us and put it in our mud room. My family and I smile everytime we come in the door at the playfulness of the illustration!

Mary L.
Minneapolis, MN

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